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Going PaperLess Saves Time and Hassle

Across all industries and professions, organizations are moving toward PaperLess practices. Consider the following 5 steps for a PaperLess Officeexamples PaperLess technology has run into:

  • Tax preparation – Tax departments use PaperLess software to automate the workflow of producing the tax return. The software tracks everything from due dates to documents received to sign-offs to ensure the appropriate staff have reviewed the returns.
  • Accounting department – When it comes to accounting, going PaperLess can significantly improve efficiency and enhance your internal controls. PaperLess works with clients that use popular accounting systems such as Sage 50, Sage 200, Mamut One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and many more, which gives them the ability to attach supporting documents to various transactions. For example, in the accounts payable process, they can scan invoices, attach them to check requests, and then route those check requests for approval electronically within the PaperLess workspace. The accounting application retains the documentation around the approvals, thereby giving management (and the auditors) peace of mind.
  • Regulatory compliance – PaperLess also works with large organizations that send all their contracts to be approved – a very time consuming and paper intensive process. We recommend a secure, web-based system where approvals can be done online and notifications are sent by email or to a user’s dashboard. It allows both internal and external departments to approve and sign-off on the contract online, thereby reducing the need for paper to be sent back and forth. The PaperLess document management solution integrates seamlessly with businesses’ existing accounting systems so users can locate documents and contracts easily.
  • Health care – New laws have been encouraging health care organizations to move to electronic health records (EHR) in many countries, and many incentives are available.
  • Writing, editing, and office work – By using PaperLess, users can mark-up documents and add notes just like you would on paper. Using a centralised document management solution makes research, drafting, and reviewing much more efficient.

Do what makes sense for your organization

If you’re ready to start transitioning your office, take clear steps. It can be as simple as taking the PaperLess concepts you already embrace in your personal life (e.g., online bank statements) and employing that same mind-set to your office. Maybe you like the idea of adding a second monitor to help cut down the number of documents you print. Another simple step is automating your accounts payable process by scanning your bills into a system like PaperLess, having the appropriate approvers sign-off on the transaction, and then paying the bills online.

We’re all creatures of habit and this may seem like an overwhelming process. Just remember, going PaperLess doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your world. It can be very simple, smart and secure!

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