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Document Management – What are the main benefits of Capture to Process methodology?

Scan to Archive:


*Paper documents -> Capture data -> Added directly -> Post

Capture to Process:

Beyond traditional scanning to archive for disaster recovery planning, the greatest benefit of scanning can be maximised only when capture technology is utilised to improve your core business processes. AIIM’s latest research reveals that only 15% of users scan to drive their accounting process. The vast majority continue to scan only to archive their information. Although “scan to archive” is a known methodology that does save time and money and is a great place to start, “capture to process” has been proven to be the most up to date and efficient methodology for business processes nowadays.

PaperLess® accounting software is designed to fully utilise the best features of “capture to process” methodology to ensure high ROI for your organisation – far higher than “scan to archive” methodology.

Today’s capture technologies provide a complete solution for scanning documents at the front end of a process. Critical data is extracted from documents, and transformed into useful information to drive the process. Information may also be routed to multiple departments and functions in various electronic formats.

Capturing information at the start of a business process allows organisations to manage critical information while reducing manual labour costs such as data entry, sorting, filing, storage and shipping. Capture technology also helps improve the efficiency of core business functions and enhances data quality throughout the organisation.

PaperLess® is, therefore, a prime example of efficient document management solution that can generate a quick and high ROI. PaperLess® can help your organisation determine the best solution for your business. With over 15 years of experience, PaperLess® has earned a reputation as an industry leader in developing efficient and flexible accounting solution for different company needs.

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