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Automatic Data Input in Sage with PaperLess software – Video now available

Automatic Invoice Recognition with associated workflows is core part of PaperLess, a software that integrates seamlessly with your Sage package turning manual data input into a fully automatic and more reliable process, with more than 80% success rate. PaperLess Document Management for Sage also allows you to automatically access all your accounting documents directly from Sage, all you need to do is a simple look-up of the document directly from the transaction in Sage.

Check now this short video that gives you a brief explanation on how PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition feature works and how it allows you to automate your data input processes.

  • Automatic Invoice Recognition reducing manual data entry up to 80%
  • Automation of Purchase Ledger Processing reducing associated costs up to 80%
  • Automatic Matching & Closing of Purchase Orders in Sage 200
  • Automatic Workflows, Notifications & Online Access
  • Documents directly linked to transactions in Sage
  • Powerful Search features so that you find all documents quickly & easily
  • Complete audit trail of the approval flow increasing transparency and data security

The productivity gains are simply huge, minimizing keying of invoice information, avoiding mistakes and dramatically speed-up the process of inputting purchase, sales and other documents straight into Sage. The seamless integration with Sage and the competitive advantages presented by PaperLess are some of the main reasons why increasingly more Sage users are choosing Paperless to manage both thei accounting and non-accounting documents.

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