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A Successful PaperLess Seminar At Blue Logic

PaperLess Blue Logic SeminarLast Wednesday PaperLess held its first nationwide seminar at Blue Logic in Leeds. The seminar attracted 30 people and 21 companies. Both PaperLess and Blue Logic felt that the seminar was successful and generated lots of interests from their customers. Visitors showed keen interest in PaperLess as a profitable Sage add-on solution. PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing them directly into Sage. PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts as synchronisation happens at background instantly.

Business owners had the opportunity to learn more about PaperLess as a centralised document management system. Torben Halvorsen, PaperLess CEO, delivered a 1.5 hour presentation to Blue Logic customers introducing the PaperLess core value and its 9-feature cycle. Business owners were mostly impressed by the PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition feature that speeds up the accounting processes. Document Approval functionality enables businesses to keep track of all business processes for better workflow management. Secure Remote Access allows users to access their documents via the Internet wherever and whenever they are.

Mark Ambler from Blue Logic commented after the PaperLess Seminar day: “We were happy to host the first PaperLess nationwide seminar today at our premises. We had the pleasure to have PaperLess CEO Torben Halvorsen here delivering a PaperLess presentation to our customers. Lots of our customers are asking for quotes in different PaperLess products. The event was successful and productive.”

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